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Why A Boat Party Is Good

By January 11, 2021No Comments

Boat parties are a blast! If you’re sick of looking at the same four walls at your local pub or bar, it’s time to consider a boat party. Boat parties give you a chance to feel fresh air on your face, the cool water on your skin and enjoy beautiful and interesting views from a great vantage point. During your boat party you can watch the ever-changing scenery – there is always something new to observe. To plan your perfect boat party, the first thing to do is get your party crew together. A boat party is such an unusual and memorable way to celebrate, you’re going to want some good buddies there to enjoy the experience with you. You might want to consider a theme for your boat party Sydney style… it could be related to the festive season, a colour concept or something nautical or beach related. The food and drink is an important element to consider, and you might even be able to come up with a menu that suits your theme. Guests at a colourful Caribbean party could be served rum punch and tasty fried chicken sticks. Shared platters, vegetable crudités, chips and dips always work a treat and encourage people to mingle as they nibble on what is being passed around. Or, take it up a notch with fine dining delicacies. You’ll also need to sort out your playlist and have plenty of tunes to help people get right into the party spirit. With a bit of organising, your boat party Sydney Harbour will be one to remember for a long time.

Reasons Why Birthdays Should Be Celebrated

Got a birthday coming up? Why not consider a boat party Sydney Harbour and surrounds? Birthdays come but once a year! And if you have a summer birthday then Sydney Harbour party cruises are a great way to celebrate in absolute style. Birthdays are all about celebrating. Your birthday is a great opportunity to bring together those close friends and family who support you during the year. Celebrating with loved ones gives you a chance to show them your gratitude. And they will appreciate having the opportunity to shower you with love and affection on your special day. Birthdays also allow us to reflect on the past, and to think about the future. Taking a cruise on a boat party Sydney side is a great way to demonstrate you are moving forward and ready for the next adventure in your life. You can really set your intention to “go places” in the coming year if you are going to see wonderful and beautiful places as part of your birthday boat party Sydney, New South Wales.

Book an Australia Day Cruise

Have you started to think about Australia Day yet? Now that we move into January, so much energy goes into getting back into the swing of things. Getting back to work, planning all those New Year resolutions, you might even be getting the kids ready for another school year! There’s so much to think about. But right now it is worth having a think about what you are going to do on Australia Day. The stress of Christmas will be over for another year, and you might find yourself with nothing special planned. No-one will be working, but a lot of venues won’t be open. Our Australia Day boat party cruise in Sydney is a brilliant way to start the new year. We can accommodate up to forty people on our cruises that depart on the 26th January, either first thing in the morning, or our last spot at 5:30pm. Bring some drinks and snacks, relax, unwind and celebrate Australia Day in style with your friends and family. We’ll give you access to our collection of inflatable water toys, paddle boards and equipment to play with and enjoy in the water. Don’t worry, you haven’t left it too late to organise an incredible experience for Australia Day. But get onto it now and book one of our Sydney Harbour boat party cruises.

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