Terms & Conditions

For the health and safety of our passengers and crew, if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or feeling unwell please do not board the vessel.

Payment Terms & Cancellation Policy for Entire Boat Bookings

  • Any partial or full payment means you agree to all terms and conditions.
  • Full payment is to be made 14 days prior to the charter departure date.
  • Once a deposit or full payment is received, there are no refunds within 14 days or less of departure.
  • Cancellations prior to 14 days before the charter date, Harbourcat will retain the full deposit amount paid.
  • If payments are not cleared by the required due date, cancellation rules apply.
  • Dates of cruises cannot be changed once booked, however if the captain deems the event to be cancelled due to weather conditions, the client can reschedule for another date within 12 months of the initial charter date.
  • In the up to 34 passenger bookings, any additional guests that board the vessel than the pre-confirmed and paid amount paid in the final deposit, there will be an additional charge of $80 per person on entry.
  • For catering and drinks packages, the food and drinks will be supplied in accordance with the confirmed number of passengers on the booking form. If a larger number of passengers board the vessel than the pre-confirmed amount, an additional charge of $100 per person for food and drinks will apply on departure.
  • If food and drinks are provided by Harbourcat and the charter is cancelled within 7 days of the charter, the agreed charge for the cost will be retained.
  • Rain is not a cause for cancellation, however if in the event of gail force winds in excess of 40 knots cancellation will be at the discretion of the skipper.
  • Payments are able to be made via the websites booking system, or if you need to make other arrangements please contact us through [email protected]
  • If booked online via our website, our external booking system, FareHarbor is a third party company who absorbs a 6% fee of the final booking amount. This amount is non-refundable by FareHarbour or Harbourcat.
  • If a passenger(s) fails to join the tour, or attempts to join after departure, or leaves prior to completion, no refund, pro-rata’d fee or otherwise, will be given.
  • If the client or group exceed the wharf booking pick up time slot, we may choose to either withdraw our vessel & terminate the charter at full cost to the client, or agree to wait, with the charter timing being shortened accordingly.
  • Harbourcat is not responsible for any wharf delays from other vessels or wharf conditions on embarking or dissembarking .

Payment terms for individual ticketed bookings

  • Full payment required on booking of ticketed sales (Whale Watching, Vivid, NYE).
  • Payments are to be made via the website booking system.
  • If payments are not cleared by the due date, cancellation rules apply.
  • Once charter is fully paid, there are no refunds.
  • Partial or full payment means you agree to all terms and conditions
  • Dates of cruise cannot be changed once booked, however if the captain deems the event to be cancelled because of weather conditions, the client can reschedule for another date within 12 months of the initial charter date.

Payment terms for cruise extensions

Payment terms for extensions of original cruise/charter booking
  • In some cases you may wish to extend the duration of your cruise. If this is the case, you must seek permission from your skipper and is only depending on the skippers discretion and if no other cruise is booked straight after.
  • Extension of the duration of your cruise will be charged at $500/hour and payment must be paid up front with our onboard credit card facilities or cash.

Covid-19 Clause

If Government restriction are applied suddenly and this affects your booking date, Harbourcat is willing to refund 75% of the final charter cost, and retain the remaining 25% as a deposit for an alternate future date to be confirmed within the next 12 months. If at this time only a deposit has been paid, the entire deposit will be retained for a future booking date within the next 12 months based off an appropriate availability.

We ask that all passengers abide by the current Government rules and restrictions in place at the date of their charter. These include restrictions such as no dancing, no standing up whilst drinking alcohol indoors and abiding by the square metre rule. If needed, all guests are to ensure that masks are worn and all passengers must check in using our QR code at the bar on boarding.

If the Government updates restriction such as introducing the per square metre rule  which impacts the numbers of passengers for your cruise, the initial agreed final price will remain.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

(Harbourcat is a licensed premises)

We advocate and adhere to the policies set out by the Liquor Licensing Board with particular regard to the refusal of service of alcohol to both intoxicated persons and guests under the age of 18, they must be accompanied at all time with an adult 18+. Refusal of ID will mean refusal of alcoholic drinks being served or consumed. Harbourcat abide by Government Responsible Service of Alcohol procedures.

Footwear & Clothing

  • We recommend suitable clothing for boating along with appropriate and comfortable rubber soled footwear. Harbourcat recommends footwear to be worn on the vessel at all times. The forward trampoline area of the vessel is a wet area and should be approached accordingly. We take no responsibility for passenger personal belongings within this area.
  • Appropriate clothing and sun protection is advised as reflections on the water can be severe.


  • Swimming undertaken at the passengers own risk and once the passenger has entered the water, this signifies to the Skipper and crew that you swim at your own risk and are no longer the responsibility of Harbourcat. No persons are to enter the water off the roof of the vessel or in an intoxicated state.
  • Clients are to take care when using the facilities providing by Harbourcat, such as the inflatables, stand up boards & paddles and other toys.  Jumping from the vessel onto the paddle boards or inflatables is prohibited. If any damage or loss to Harbourcat’s facilities, reasonable charges will apply. Whilst using paddle boards, care must be taken by keeping distance from your fellow passengers to reduce risk of any lacerations or injuries.

Offending Passengers

No person will be allowed to board the boat intoxicated or under the influence of illicit substances. If drinking, alcohol substantial food is to be consumed throughout the charter. The skipper reserves the right to terminate the Charter by berthing the vessel at the nearest safe location and discharging all passengers or, at least the offending ones. If the Charter is terminated early because of an offending passenger, no money will be refunded.


The Charterer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Operator, its agents and employees, from and against any losses, claims, actions, costs, expenses, fees, damages, fines and liabilities (including reasonable legal fees) cause by any negligent act or omission by the Charterer or members of the Charterer’s group.


  • All passengers must obey all safety directions given by the Skipper and Crew. Common safety practices must be observed. Children are only permitted if under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian.
  • Touching or tampering with the vessels safety equipment at the helm, life jackets and life rings is against the law and fines may apply from our authorities.
  • Once the skipper has assisted passengers disembark the vessel, passengers will not be permitted to return back on board. Once passengers are on the wharf they are no longer the responsibility of the skipper and crew and should remain at least 5m away from the vessel to allow for crew and skipper to untie from the wharf safely.

Duration of Charter

The duration of the charter includes the times taken to embark and disembark passengers, the Operator is not responsible for any delays caused by the late arrival of passengers or delays at the wharf caused by crowds, the arrival of other vessels or any other item or incident beyond its control. It also accepts no responsible for delays at the point of disembarkation for reasons outside its control.


While we do not charge a bond, we do retain your credit card details from your booking and if for any reason the boat isn’t left in a respectable condition or any damage has been done after your charter you may be charged a fee.