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New Year’s Cruise

By December 14, 2020No Comments

December is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to book your spot on the best boat party Sydney has to offer. To make your start to 2021 a truly memorable one, join us for a five hour New Year’s Eve Sydney Harbour cruise. We offer top quality Sydney Harbour Party Cruises and our new year’s events are always a standout on the Harbour Cat calendar. Hop aboard, meet the skipper and settle in for an evening spent cruising the majestic Sydney Harbour. Our boat party Sydney Harbour cruises will excite all of your senses. Feel the cool spray and fresh air on your skin. Hear the sounds of the harbour, as we cruise past other revelers. See the colourful fireworks that will light up the sky at midnight. Smell the delectable dinner that your private chef will be creating as your cruise embarks. This year on the menu are a selection of Australian favourites and international delicacies. If seafood is your thing, you will enjoy our chilled selection- locally sourced rock oysters, salmon, and lemon prawns. Your tastebuds will also delight in our hot New Year’s Eve special selection. This year we have baked salmon with pan-fried greens, grilled chicken with red wine, fig and mascarpone and the vegetable option of pumpkin gnocchi with olives in a tomato and basil sauce. For dessert, what could be more perfect for a boat party Sydney style than mini passionfruit pavlova, or lemon meringue tarts. We also offer a classy selection of cheeses, dried fruit, paste and lavish to nibble on as the evening descends on Sydney Harbour. Your Sydney Boat Party experience on New Year’s Eve will be one you will always remember.

Why Celebrate New Year’s

It happens on three hundred and sixty-four other occasions each year, and we barely bat an eyelid. For all of those other evenings of the year, most of us are probably fast asleep as the date changes and one day turns into the next. So what is it about New Year’s Eve, that makes it so important? Well, obviously it marks not only the turning of one day to the next, but the start of a new month and a new year. People from all over the world celebrate New Year’s Eve, although these celebrations take many forms. There are many hundreds of ways in which different cultures acknowledge New Year’s Eve. Many people use New Year’s as an opportunity to invite good fortune into life for the coming year. Because the circle is a shape symbolising success for the Dutch, they eat donuts on New Year’s Eve. Greek people share a special cake with a coin inside, and the person that finds it is guaranteed good luck that year. Fireworks, like the ones you will see on your New Year’s Eve boat party Sydney cruise, are believed to scare off evil spirits in many cultures. Celebrating New Year’s Eve is good for us. The arrival of a new year can provide us with a clean slate and a fresh start. New Year’s is a great opportunity to connect and catch up with those close to you. Sharing a boat party Sydney trip will provide a perfect opportunity to enjoy a wonderful evening with loved ones and new friends, and remember all that we have to be grateful for. It gives us all an opportunity to reflect on what we have learned and experienced in the past year.

New Year’s Resolutions

And then, of course, there’s that other familiar New Year tradition: making resolutions. We use resolutions to see if we can take control of our future, seeking to take charge of certain elements of our life. Apparently more than half of us make New Year’s resolutions: pledges to lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, or drink less. Some resolutions are related to our relationships: to be kinder to others or spend more time with family. Some people resolve to undertake study, or pick up a new hobby, or to read more. We are all hoping for a better future, and are ready to say goodbye to 2020. To start 2021 off just right, join us for a boat party Sydney Harbour and surrounds.

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